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Hey, I'm Emma! 20, queer, at Wellesley College for English & History. Thinking about going to grad school for Library Science. Ask me anything, mostly I don't bite :)

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I keep getting new followers on here so I guess I need to make an official post - this blog is inactive! And has been for almost a year!  But you can head over to my new blog for, basically, more of the same. 

Hope to see you all there! :D

I’m telling myself that this reblog is just for Jill… but maybe it’s also because Six is kind of perfection, oh my god.

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This picture on the back of “Drift” is absolutely unf-worthy. Even my (straight) boss agrees.



Uh, the 4th one, holy shiiiitttt. 

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I have to start off by saying it was a tough decision to make.  I’ve never left my  my friends and family to embark on a journey to a place where I knew no one. But my world as I knew it was too tiny and there’s so much out there I didn’t know of. 

I visited Europe last month and stayed in this place next to what they call the Eiffel Tower. I loved it. such a strange architecture to symbolize the exotic beauty and power of its people. With my small backpack and my Nikon D7000 camera, I set off futher to explore Europe.

I took pictures along the way. there was a Tomato Festival going on at the time and I managed to get tickets to see a Bull Fighting! The sight was alarming and facinating all at once- a sport to symbolise the raw energy and passion that European people had were shown through this bull fighting. Beautiful!

I went to a shelter and saw some homeless people begging on the streets. It is such a shame how enriched, yet, so poor Europeans are. My heart weeps for Europeans; their courage and strength to survive is inspiring. 

There were loud music playing and people in the streets all looking happy and joyful because they were celebrating ‘OktoberFest’, a day to mark their love of beer and to show that even Europeans have good things to celebrate in life to distract from their everyday pain. I was aware of my privilege so I asked to join this festival incase I upset the natives. What a blast!

I took so many pictures (will post on Facebook later) of the children dancing and smiling but some elders complained about this, they didn’t seem comfortable with a complete stranger touching their young children and taking photos of them to later put on the internet.

I suppose to them, I am a stranger in the midst but it was so joyful having pictures to show back home of my experiences! I am sure they won’t mind in the end. And the children were such wonders! They were so curious about my clothes (I don’t think Europeans have ever seen Nigerian clothes in their life, it must have been so strange for them to view my own culture! It just reminded me of how deprived they were)

After I stopped at the Leaning Tower of Pisa (a great art of their sort!) I went back to  Arba Airport near Helsinki (after I spent a day at Trafalgar Square, pics coming soon) and borded my flight back home, having grown up a little from viewing European Life. 

I am currently saving up to get a tatto of Europe on my shoulder , with a love heart located at the center to represent Belguim. As the Europeans say: 

Τα καλά πράγματα έρχεται σε εκείνους που περιμένουν 

Peace my friends <3